Inaugural flight of Silk Way West Airlines' first Boeing 777F from Seattle to Baku

Silk Way West Airlines, the leading cargo airline in the Caspian and Central Asian region is proud to announce the inaugural flight of its first Boeing 777F aircraft from Seattle to Baku. This monumental milestone marks a significant advancement for Silk Way West Airlines and the broader aviation industry in Azerbaijan. The Boeing 777F is renowned for its advanced technology, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Silk Way West Airlines is honored to operate this environmentally conscious aircraft, further demonstrating its commitment to sustainable aviation practices.

This is the inaugural flight of the first of seven Boeing aircraft that will be delivered under previously signed agreements between Boeing and Silk Way West Airlines. According to the agreements, the delivery of five Boeing 777-F and two Boeing 777-8F aircraft to Azerbaijan will be carried out in the next seven years until 2030.

Silk Way West Airlines is pleased to contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's aviation sector. The arrival of the Boeing 777F highlights the country's growing importance as a regional and global transportation hub.

This aircraft represents a significant leap forward in Silk Way West Airlines' commitment to providing top-tier air cargo services. With its impressive payload capacity and extended range, this aircraft will enable the airlines to offer more extensive, efficient, and reliable cargo transportation solutions to its clients. The Boeing 777F's extended range will open up new possibilities for connecting Baku with key global cargo hubs, and will allow Silk Way West Airlines to serve its customers even better, facilitating faster and more direct shipments worldwide.

The expansion of the fleet will open up opportunities to boost the volume of flights and extend our reach to additional destinations. Part of our strategic fleet expansion plan includes the anticipated arrival of another aircraft within the next month.

"We are thrilled to welcome the arrival of our first Boeing 777F to Baku, marking a significant milestone for Silk Way West Airlines,” said Wolfgang Meier, President of Silk Way West Airlines. “This addition to our fleet not only enhances our capabilities but also underlines our commitment to providing sustainable cargo services to our customers. We look forward to leveraging the advanced features of the Boeing 777F to further strengthen our position in the global cargo market."

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Tracking information

AWB Number501 - 11284066
Origin Destination Flight Date Book Pieces Weight Volume Status
DAC GYD 7L134 22NOV21 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38 RCF
Station Status Date Time Status code Pieces Weight Volume
MXP Booked 25NOV21 15:45 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38
MXP Booked 25NOV21 15:45 KK 1396 9987.0 59.38
GYD Received From Flight 25NOV21 21:21 RCF 1396 0.0 0.0
GYD Consignee/Agent notified of arrival 25NOV21 21:23 NFD 1396 0.0 0.0
DAC Departed on Flight 25NOV21 22:07 DEP 1396 9987.0 4.98
DAC Manifested on Flight 25NOV21 22:07 MAN 336 2403.0 14.29